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Orthodontics, like most other dental and medical treatments are best applied as a preventive measure. Beginning orthodontic treatment early can prevent the development of problems for your child in later years, and can stave off costly restorative and reconstructive procedures. At Smiles by Roxana Orthodontics, we want you to understand the full weight of how important early treatment in shaping your child’s jaw and dentition is. 

Shaping the Palate

An essential part of ensuring your child’s proper dentition and ease of growth is being confident in the shape of their jaw. Early orthodontic treatment takes advantage of the continuing growth of your child’s jawbone and palate, presenting the possibility for non-invasive expansion. Guided expansion of the palate can create enough room for adult teeth, and will ultimately prevent more extensive smile correction later in life.

If there is not enough room for incoming secondary teeth when they begin to bud, this can cause excessive crowding and discomfort. Additionally, waiting to begin corrective treatment once the jaw is set and the teeth are too crowded can necessitate extraction in certain cases.

Curbing Bite Misalignment

Diagnosis and treatment of future problems can also help your child to avoid development of a misaligned bite. Like palatial shaping, certain implements like the Herbst appliance can be used in the manipulation of your child’s bite.

Early bite correction is a necessity for patients looking to avoid invasive surgeries later in life, often involving the dislocation and replacement of the jawbone to better fit the patient’s bite. 

Socially Acceptable Braces

Gone are the days of “brace-face” as a playground nickname. Modern braces are now widely accepted in a sort of vogue among younger patients, allowing them to express themselves through the colorful bands that hold the wire in place.

Additionally, with advances in orthodontic techniques and technology, the brackets and wires used in traditional braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever.

Start Your Child’s Treatment Today

If you are looking to start your child on the road to a healthy and well-aligned smile, contact Smiles by Roxana Orthodontics. Dr. Hamayoun is proud to share her experience with orthodontic treatments to residents of the Gaithersburg area.

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