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With the rise of Invisalign®, you might wonder why traditional metal braces persist in modern orthodontics. Smiles by Roxana Orthodontics wants you to know that, while plastic tray correction is indeed excellent for older patients and those who only need slight correction, metal braces still have a significant role in modern orthodontic treatment.

The Hip Factor

For older patients who went through with metal braces as children, you might experience a level of apprehension when considering orthodontic treatment for your children. However, while you have memories of ostentatious metal brackets, modern braces have reached a sort of vogue among younger patients.

Modern manufacturers understand the potential for embarrassment when wearing brackets, and have made them exciting for your children by producing elastics in various colors and styles. With their additional colors, you can be sure that your child will enjoy customizing their braces to match their own personalities.

Early Benefits

Starting orthodontics early is important in making sure that, as your child grows, they have enough room for their adult teeth to grow in properly, and can avoid unnecessary jaw realignment in the future. Plastic trays rely on your jaw being set, so that they can properly manipulate your adult teeth. Since a child’s jaw and teeth have yet to finish changing, trays would need to be changed out on a basis so constant as to be absurdly expensive, not to mention inconvenient. The brackets and wires of traditional metal braces are the perfect solution for the inconsistency of a growing jaw. 
However, this being the case almost entirely rules out the viability of Invisalign® treatments. 

Severity of Correction

In cases of severe malocclusion and teeth that require significant corrective treatment, tray-based treatment cannot be counted on as a reliable fix. When dealing with severe malocclusion—teeth that so not fit together properly—palatial expanders and metal braces are the only reliable fix, as Invisalign®-type treatments are better suited to aesthetic fixes. Likewise, teeth that require a significant degree of rotation are best left to metal braces.

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