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For patients who have undergone extensive orthodontic work and now have retainers, the temptation to not wear your retainers is strong. Smiles by Roxana Orthodontics wants you to know it is important to remember that your retainer is just as necessary as the braces that came before them. 

Why wear retainers?

Since you have already undergone the bulk of your orthodontic treatment, either through braces, palate expanders, or clear trays, you be wondering why you need retainers at all. Retainers are a necessary step in cementing the extensive movement that your teeth and jaw as a whole have undergone since you first began orthodontic correction. 

A bite fresh out of braces may look great, but it has yet to be stabilized, and runs the risk of shifting back out of place. Wearing your retainer as instructed by your doctor will keep your teeth from shifting, and your jaw from changing if you had undergone palate expansion. 

Kinds of Retainers

If you are uncomfortable with the noticeable wire of a traditional removable retainer, ask your doctor about the kinds of retainers that are available through their office. Fixed retainers are generally bonded to the back of your teeth, making them less noticeable than the removable alternative. However, because they are bonded to your teeth, fixed retainers are often harder to clean.

Removable retainers are generally easier to maintain, but have a noticeable wire spanning the front of your teeth. If prescribed by your orthodontist, then these retainers will generally need to be worn every day and night for a set period of time. Despite how noticeable they are, these retainers make eating and cleaning easier because they can be removed.

How Long to Wear?

The length you need to wear a retainer is decided by your orthodontist based on your individual need. You may find that you have to wear retainers only at night, but for an extended period of time. It is important to remember that wearing them for the prescribed length will help you maintain that improved smile.

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